Health care services in St. Lucie County include three hospitals, Lawnwood Regional Medical Center & Heart Institute, Martin Health System and St. Lucie Medical Center; multiple walk-in clinics; New Horizons of the Treasure Coast, a private non-profit corporation serving children and adults by providing behavioral healthcare services; Port St. Lucie Hospital, specializing in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse; the Treasure Coast Hospice, who provide compassionate hospice and palliative (comfort) care and support; and nearly 500 physicians and 75 dentists.

The St. Lucie County Health Access Network (HANDS of St. Lucie) is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to increasing access to health care for low income residents. HANDS grew from a few individuals trying to help people find services into a county wide network of health providers, agencies, and volunteers dedicated to increasing health care access for low income residents.

HANDS offers resources to those least likely to receive regular health care — uninsured adults age 19 to 64. Rather than simply treating acute symptoms, HANDS seeks to empower patients to participate in their health management. HANDS goal is to educate clients on how to make good health care choices, find health resources, and recognize health problems before they become critical.

The St. Lucie County Health Department is dedicated to providing leadership in health promotion, disease prevention and control, and environmental protection for all residents and visitors in St. Lucie County by offering a wide range of health care services including:

  • Care for the Health of Mothers and Children
  • Tracking Diseases and Stopping Them in Their Tracks
  • Maintaining a Healthy Environment
  • Serving as the Conscience for Health
  • Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

Environmental Health deals with those aspects of the environment which may adversely impact upon the public’s health. We provide monitoring, permitting, and educational services to ALL St. Lucie.

In addition to being a consulting health resource for local governments, in times of emergency, Environmental Health is an integral part of recovery, assuring safe water, food, sanitary facilities and safe living conditions.

The St. Lucie County Fire District proudly protects a community of over 277,789 people living in an area of 572 square miles, operating out of 15 stations that serve a community with property uses ranging from agricultural to industrial to suburban residential. Within St. Lucie County, service is provided for the cities of Port St. Lucie, St. Lucie Village, and Fort Pierce.

The Operations Division of the Fire District is where the bulk of the services offered by the District are carried out. These services include emergency medical treatment, fire suppression, and pre-planning of potential fire emergencies. Minimum requirements for employment in the division are Florida Certification as a Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician. Over 85% of all emergency calls the division is dispatched to are medical emergencies including heart attacks, strokes, vehicle accidents, and various life threatening calls.

St. Lucie County Fire District is an independent fire control district governed under the regulations of Florida State Statute 191; a total of 428 employees with an ISO rating of 3-9-10.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office is a full-service county wide criminal justice agency serving all the people of the county. The Sheriff’s Office provides security at all county court facilities and operates the county jail. The agency maintains county wide patrols, detective, narcotics investigation, aviation, marine patrol, school-based deputies, agricultural crime investigators, a bomb disposal team and crime prevention services. The Sheriff’s Office’s law enforcement and detention operations are fully accredited. The Sheriff’s Office employs 618 full time deputies and civilians. The main telephone number for the Sheriff’s Office is 772-462-7300, its website is