County Property Tax:
County Property Tax: 1 mil = $1 per $1,000 property value
Ad Valorem Millage Rates: 
Government 7.1881
Schools 7.7710
Special 5.2733
Total 20.2324
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption Yes
Retail Sales Tax 6.50%
Tourist Tax (Hotel Rooms) 5.00%
State Taxes:
Business Inventory None
Corporate Franchise Tax None
Corporate Income Tax 5.5% of FL Net Income
Intangible Tax None
Inventory Tax None
Personal Income Tax None
Sales Tax 6%

The 2012 tax rate Ad Valorem Millage Rates in St. Lucie County, Florida are 20.2324. Rates can vary based on local tax codes.

Property tax rates are set annually as are property assessments.  All properties are assessed at 100% market value on January 1.  In 2012, tax rates ranged from 20.02 to 24.64 per thousand, depending on where you live in St. Lucie County. To better understand the appraisal process, please visit

Florida’s stable and highly favorable tax climate provides advantages that make a Florida location profitable for every type of business. Progressive legislation also ensures that Florida remains a worldwide hub for new and expanding businesses. For more information, click here.


Source: St. Lucie County BOCC - 2012-2013 Budget