Whether your banking needs are commercial, retail, mortgage financing and servicing, or asset management, St. Lucie County has several financial institutions committed to serving your needs and the needs of your friends, family and the community. Our banking partners believe people want local bankers with decision making capabilities who are knowledgeable about the markets they serve and are responsive to the requests and needs of the customer with a commitment to superior customer service. Simply said, St. Lucie County is a great place to bank.

Deposit Market Share Report

Bank Holding Company
Deposits as of: June 30, 2011
Selected Market: St. Lucie County, FL
Outside of Market Inside of Market
No. of Deposits No. of Deposits Market
Offices ($000) Offices ($000) Share
Number of Bank Holding Companiesin the Market:15 25,957 3,243,966,502 70 3,010,568 91.88%
Number of Institutions without Bank Holding Companies in the Market: 2 153 10,126,107 7 266,171 8.12%
Number of Bank Organizations in the Market:17 26,110 3,254,092,609 77 3,276,739 100%
Source: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation –