The EDC Advantage

 We appreciate your interest in the growth of St. Lucie County and the region. The EDC welcomes new members to support its mission to advance job growth and economic vitality in the community.

The EDC was established to attract new business, support expansion and retention of existing businesses, and advance community and economic development in the County. The goal of the EDC is to develop high-wage, high-value jobs with specific focus on biotechnology and life sciences, biotech/medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, research/education, technology, distribution and international trade. The EDC is in the business of targeting and creating economic, business, jobs and capital investment opportunities that do the most to improve the quality of life for our community.

A priority for the EDC is to provide our members with opportunities for networking and information exchange.  The EDC hosts monthly events with presentations from industry experts on trends in the economy, research, life sciences, technology, education and business, to help our members continue to be the most competitive in their market.

 We invite you to be a part of the EDC as we realize successes in St. Lucie County.

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For more information see Membership Benefits for various investor levels or contact Candy Marlow at (772) 336-6252 or contact us if you have any questions.

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