The Economic Development Council of St. Lucie County (EDC) is a private, non-profit organization that promotes economic vitality in St. Lucie County through the attraction, retention and expansion of businesses in the community.   EDC works in partnership with local governments and the business community to help create more and better-paying jobs for residents, broaden the tax base and improve St. Lucie County’s economic quality of life.

We are involved in all facets of community building. We categorize our activities into six areas:

    1. Quality of life
    2. Infrastructure Development
    3. Workforce
    4. Vendor / Supplier Networks
    5. Capital Availability
    6. Technology Accessibility

Our team constantly strives to enhance our county’s strengths while attacking any weaknesses we uncover. We have a rare combination of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and visionary planning rooted in realism about our future. Combining the talents of many to accomplish significant goals for all who live in this county, we continue to be a significant player in the state’s economic success.